We believe that those who are able to, should give back. We also believe there is nothing more important than the environment and world we live in. This is why we have teamed up with four amazing charities to help them through their journey of making the world a better place. This is why, with every purchase you make, 2% of sales, not profits, will go to help funding these amazing causes. 

For this year, our charities are focusing on the marine wildlife and ecosystem. Read below to find out exactly how your money is helping these amazing causes. 


The Maldives are heavily threatened by climate change. With an economy that relies on the fishing industry, the country requires plentiful fish
breeding grounds and vast biodiversity for survival. Yet with only 1% of their waters protected, the marine ecosystems are being degraded by overfishing, unsustainable tourism and coastal development.

Run by: Shaha Hashim

Shaha is Project Manager for BLUE’s Maldives project. She works to protect coral reefs, mangroves and seagrass beds to increase biodiversity and provide the Maldives with greater resilience to the effects of climate change.



The charity is on a mission to save the large marine mammals of Kenya by conducting extensive research and spreading awareness on a regional, national and international level.

Run by: Michael Mwang’ombe

Michael is a Researcher who is building a database on dolphin and whale activity along the Kenyan coast, to protect the animals from the effects of climate change.


Sharks4kids is a Marine Biologist fighting to protect sharks by spreading knowledge about them to the younger generation. So far, she has reached out to over 60,000 children with a goal of helping the next generation become shark and ocean advocates.

Run by: Jillian Morris

Jillian is on a mission to create a new generation of shark advocates through
access to a dynamic range of educational materials.


Luke is on a mission to restore the lost oyster reefs along the coast of England by
making sure the oysters get the chance to reproduce by protecting the marine habitat they live in.

Run By: Luke Helmer

Luke is a Marine Biologist working to restore the overexploited native oyster reefs along the coast of the UK. These reefs are crucial habitats for hundreds of species and the oysters are critical for healthy, clean oceans.