It's that time of the year again when the seasons are well and truly transitioning from winter to spring and countless new trends are flourishing the high-street stores. So it's the perfect time to clue yourself up with what has been going on in the fashion industry; what's changing, what's new and what are you absolutely loving?

1. Fendi "JoKarl" Graphic Tee

After the passing of the fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld, it fair to say that the industry as a whole just didn't feel right. But in light of the awful news, Fendi presented us with the "JoKarl" Graphic Tee, as a way to immortalize the famed designer. And we absolutely love it! 

2. A$AP Nast & Converse's Spring 2019

The collaboration has presented a contemporary take on everything from tees and sweatshirts to sneakers. Nast wanted the collection to truly honour his young memories and driving forces behind it. He also stated, “I wanted to craft a style that me and my team could wear every day, whatever way we like.” We love the unique perspective and story behind this collaboration a lot!

3. Adidas '90s Football-Inspired SPRT Collection

Of course, how could we not mention the release of the latest Adidas '90s Football-Inspired SPRT Capsule Collection? I mean who doesn't love a good '90s inspired garm, particularly from a brand like Adidas? The whole collection was motivated by the ’90s football training designs. It's all about Flamestrikes, melted marble and space dyes here.

4. Ralph Lauren Reimagined Polo Bear

Ralph Lauren Purple Label Reimagines the legendary Polo Bear with Italian embroidery, another brilliant take on Lauren’s signature mascot. The cotton tee presents the Polo Bear in a central position, looking particularly suave, sporting a tilted beret, circular sunglasses and louche chinos atop a pair of espadrilles. We justt LOVE the signature Polo Bear!

5. Burberry - Plastic-Free by 2025

And last but not least, and in fact the most important news presented by the fashion industry recently, is Burberry's Announcement to be plastic-free by 2025. An excellent step for sustainability in the fashion industry and one we hope to see many other brands follow in the near future. 

Let us know your favourite trend, collection or positive change from the fashion industry this month!

See you guys soon with another blog post! 

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