Have you listed your top 5 brands of 2018 yet? Or are there just too many brilliant collaborations, collections or competitors to choose from? We are with you on that, because 2018 has been mind-blowing in the fashion industry, particularly as product-design boundaries have been pushed to a new level.

So here's our top 5 brands of 2018, and why they have made the BB Vintage Clothing list.


Firstly, let's just take a minute to appreciate the king of street and skate-wear, Supreme. We saw the brand collaborate with the likes of UNDERCOVER, CdG SHIRT and The North Face - and we loved each and every product that these duos dropped.  


It was a huge year for Ralph Lauren's iconic eponymous brand. We have loved the brands dedication to streetwear this year, particularly the collaboration with British skateboard brand, Palace.

Not only was it the label’s 50th anniversary but the 79-year-old founder was also given Honorary knighthood by Britain this year. How can we not dedicate a top 5 spot to this much loved brand?


Well duh... how could we not put The North Face in our top 5? We love their diversity and genuine understanding of the consumer's needs and design desires. From the industries best-selling collaborations, The North Face also created  head-turning collections in partnership with a sequence of Japanese designers: HYKE x The North Face being one of our favourites for sure.


Palace has made our top five and of course the Palace x Polo Ralph Lauren collaboration helped to make this happen... The complete diversity between the two brands really created something very special, that the market completely swooned over (us included). 

My favorite piece in the collection has to be the patchwork flannel shirt. Admittedly, we’re seeing a ton of patchwork pieces this season, but this one just happens to have the perfect balance between a ‘my dad is gonna sue you’ vibe and a varial kickflip.”. - Anders Kofod Schans, online marketing intern


Last but not least, BAPE. The brand has been one of the most talked about brands in streetwear this year. Close to popular items like the Bapesta, camo outerwear and well-known lifestyle products, the BAPE Shark hoodie is probably one of the most iconic garments in A Bathing Ape history. However, this year we have seen the iconic brand successfully collaborate with brands like Timberland, UNDEAFETED, PSG and Adidas - and we just can't get enough!


What is your favourite collaboration of 2018?

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