Interview with Independent Streetwear Brand DÊMOS

In 2018 we dropped several Independent Streetwear Brands at BB Vintage Clothing, in order to meet the ever-changing fashion needs and desires of you guys. Today we interviewed London based Streetwear Brand DÊMOS, so that you can get to know our brands a little better.

Oh, and don't you worry, we have a lot more Independent Streetwear Brands dropping this year too. 2019 IS THE YEAR FOR PREMIUM VINTAGE STYLE!

Q1. When did you start DÊMOS and what empowered you to do it?

DÊMOS was founded in 2016. We were empowered to use our design in streetwear to bring out our concepts for reflective thinking to infect others.

Q2. How would you describe the brand identity & overall design aesthetic?

We identify our brand as a premium streetwear with a sports inspired aesthetic.

Q3. What are the brands main values?

Our main values are quality, unique, infect and the communication with our customers.

Q4. What are 5 words to describe DÊMOS?

Quality, sporty, comfort, street, unique.

Q5. What can you offer the market that no one else can?

We offer comfort as the ultimate styling and quality as an uncompromised signature of its streetwear style in a reasonable price and limited stock level.

Q6. How would you describe the DÊMOS

The DÊMOS consumer is a person who understands and believes our collection concepts and expresses their reflective thinking to infect others through our clothing. Also, a person with an eye for comfort streetwear style and unique fashion.

Q7. Where do you see the company in 5 years?

In 5 years, we see the company leading a new generation in men’s streetwearindustry and keep growing our stockists in countries across all continents.



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