Independent Streetwear Brands & Club Giv Interview

We have recently launched our 'Boutique' section for independent brands here at BB Vintage Clothing, in the hope to meet all your fashion desires on one singular platform. We all have a love for those premium brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Adidas, however sometimes we just want an item that is a little more unique, which is why we have kicked of the launch of independent streetwear brands.

So far we have launched Club Giv, Demos, Bankside-Co and Wulf Clothing.

We have found out a little more about Club Giv in a recent interview, to give you guys more of an insight into their brand values and brand identity. We hope you enjoy!


Q1. When did you start Club Giv and what empowered you to do it?

'Club Giv was founded in 2017. We were empowered to found the company based on our desire to give back to those in need, while providing quality products'.

Q2. How would you describe the brand identity & overall design aesthetic?

'We identify our brand as an underground streetwear and apparel company, serving the youth with the hottest gear, so that we may in turn serve those in need.'

'Our overall aesthetic is exclusive Japanese high-street fashion.'

Q3. What are Club Givs main brand values?

Our main values are quality, integrity, and a commitment to the service of our customers, and the less fortunate whom we support.

Q4. What are 5 words to describe the brand?

'Fashion. Integrity. Service. Innovation. Quality.'

Q5. How would you describe the Club Giv consumer?

'The Club Giv consumer is a person with an eye for unique fashion and innovative design. A person who wants to stay ahead of current fashion trends, and express their individuality through clothing and accessories.'

Q6. Where do you see the company in 5 years?

'In 5 years we see the company dominating the street fashion and apparel industry. We set the bar high for ourselves and are tirelessly committed to making Club Giv a household name.'

Keep an eye out guys, as we've got a lot more independent brands launching on our website very soon!




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